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Last month I did a tech travel bag video for CES which you guys seemed to really enjoy, this month I’m doing a little more traveling once again, and for my tech travel bag  this time around I’ve changed up some of my travel items, and also the folks over at Aer noticed me slinging around an 8 year old bum backpack and decided I needed a proper upgrade. So I finally have a proper tech travel bag to haul around all my stuff in and I’m super excited to show you guys what the folks over at Aer came up with.

Aer Bags & Backpacks (Official Website)
2013 Macbook Pro (Amazon Link) 
Blockhead Adapter (Official Website) 
Zendure Passport (Amazon Link) 
Zendure A8 QC (Amazon Link) 
iPhone X (Amazon Link) 
Speck Presidio Inked Case (Amazon Link) 
Native Union Cable (Amazon Link) 
AirPods (Amazon Link) 

This is the appropriately named Tech Pack, it’s brand new from Aer and for my needs, this is the perfect style of bag to carry all of my tech items as well as some clothes or accessories or anything else I might need on a trip in my carry on. All of Aer’s bags and backpacks have a really clean minimal design with no obnoxious logos or patterns, just a very simple and classy look. And what’s nice about the Tech Pack along with the high quality material on the outside, is that it’s water resistant so all your gear will be safe and sound from the rain or a spill or anything else. The Tech Pack can obviously be worn as a regular backpack or carried by your side and as far as a backpack goes this is definitely one of the more comfortable ones I’ve had the opportunity to use. The back section is a really thick padded mesh and the shoulder straps are equally as thick, so even with a bag full of heavy stuff it’s not going to be hard on your shoulders and back.

On the inside you’ve got a ton of different pockets and compartments  for big items and small items  so whatever you want to bring can get a specific place and stays organized and that’s just the secondary zippered section, the main zipper has even more space with 2 larger pockets for laptops or tablets, and the bag is big enough to fit my 15 inch MacBook Pro no problem, I could easily also fit an iPad pro or even another laptop in here and still have plenty of space for all my other stuff.

There’s a zippered section at the top for quick access to certain items, I like to throw my sunglasses in there and not that they’re tech necessarily but in case anyone’s curious, I rotate between a bunch of different styles of ray bans, because you just can’t go wrong with the classics.

The bag also has a couple side pockets, one open one for a water bottle and one zippered one on the other side that I like to throw some cables in. Now I gotta say, I’m not a backpack conesuer, but this Tech Pack is easily one of the nicest backpacks I’ve seen. It’s clean, it’s simple, it keeps my stuff organized and I can’t recommend it enough. If you want to make a bag upgrade, i definitely suggest checking out Aer’s selection, and if you’re in the Tech game, the Tech Pack honestly is the way to go, I’m really happy with it.

Now let’s get into some of  the stuff that goes into the bag. You guys saw already that my laptop of choice is a 15 inch MacBook Pro, it’s from 2013, it’s nothing special but it gets the job done. I also need the charger to go with it of course and my charger has that unique blockhead plug adapter that I’ve featured a number of times on the channel now.

For plugs and charging, I’m going with 2 products from Zendure that have both been featured in the last 2 top tech episodes on my channel so you might recognize them. This first one is the Zendure passport and I don’t need it all the time, but for international travel this is a must. The passport is a universal plug adapter that has power plug tips from the US, UK, Australia and Europe. It’s an all in one adapter that just slides out the right plug type and it also has 4 USB ports on the bottom too, not that I necessarily have that many devices to charge, but there’s nothing wrong with having a little extra.

The second item is for my portable charging needs, this is the Zendure A8 QC, it’s a behemoth of a power bank with a 26,800 ma capacity which I believe is about as big as you can go and still be allowed to travel with. It’s got 4 USB ports with quick charge 3.0 support. It’s big, it’s heavy, it’s made of metal, this is the best powerbank you can buy for the money no questions asked and this will be my choice for the foreseeable future.

I also always have my phone with me of course with a few items to go along with it. My phone of choice at least right now is the iPhone X, but that could change depending on what we see from mobile world congress here in a bit. My case is the speck presidio inked, I featured this case in a video a couple months ago and that video blew up, everyone wanted to know what this case was and where it came from and I’m still using it and still really enjoying.

Since it is an iPhone I do need a lightning cable to go with it, you guys know my cable of choice  is the native union belt, it’s braided, it’s durable, it has a nice leather loop to keep it neat. I haven’t found a cable that’s better than this, so if you can find me something to beat it by all means let’s here some suggestions.

And last but not least, 90% of the time my earbuds of choice for trips are the Apple AirPods. Say what you want about them, you either love them or hate them, I personally love my AirPods and even though I’ve tried a ton of other earbuds at this point, I still keep coming back to these. They haven’t failed me yet, I haven’t lost them yet, and I think it’s going to be a while before I ditch these for something else.


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