Top iPhone X Accessories (That I Actually Use)

We are checking out some iPhone X accessories and rather than just bombard you guys with a whole bunch of random stuff I found on amazon, this video is going to show off the small handful of iPhone X accessories that I actually own and use every day.  It might not be the most exciting list of things in the world, and that’s ok but maybe you guys might find something here that’ll be useful to you if you end up an iPhone X yourself, and as always I’ll have links to all these products down below in the video description if you do want to pick something up.

UPDATE: Better Fast Charger (Amazon Link)
Tempered Glass (Amazon Link) 
Speck Presidio Grip (Amazon Link) 
Speck Presidio Inked (Official Website) 
Apple AirPods (Amazon Link) 
Samsung Qi Charger (Amazon Link)
Native Union Cable (Amazon Link)
Native Union Jump (Amazon Link)
USB-C to Lightning Cable (Amazon Link)
29w Wall Adapter (Amazon Link)

The first thing I added to my iPhone X almost immediately was a tempered glass screen protector. It may not be the prettiest thing in the world, I know for a lot of people they’d prefer not have that added glare or the chance of it getting bubbles after a while, but for me personally it’s absolutely a necessity. I’ve found that a vast majority of tempered glass screen protectors you can find will  pretty much be the same, whether they’re some ridiculously priced name brands one or a pack of 3 for $5, they’re meant to protect the phone, they’re meant to scratch and break, they’re basically disposable so I always just go with the cheap ones. The primary reason for me to have one is that I ended up not having anything on my iPhone 7 Plus screen, and after a year of use, after sliding against the metal button on my jeans over and over again, I ended up with an insane amount of just really deep scratches on my screen, and I don’t want that to happen with this phone. A lot of people end up with flawless looking screens after using their phone for a while, but that just isn’t the case with me, so a screen protector has been a must.

As far as cases go, since this phone is covered in glass from front to back, and is apparently pretty delicate with Apple charging hundreds of dollars for repairs if you do break it, I needed something that covered every inch of the device and my choice has been a couple different Speck cases. Speck always does a nice job with their iPhone Cases in particular, I’ve been a fan of them for a long time now and even though they’re priced a little higher, in that $30-$40 range, I really don’t mind because after using these kinds of cases for a while I always end up getting my money’s worth.  The first case I tried was the Speck Presidio grip which like the name suggests has this interesting rubber pattern around the back and also up and down the sides to obviously add some grip to the phone when you’re holding it. The case itself offers top to bottom, edge to edge protection and inside its all rubber so drops and spills really have never been an issue. There’s also that raised rubber edge along the screen which is a must have for any case that I pick up to keep the screen off a flat surface

While the grip has always been a nice case, recently I did add a little more color and have been trying out the presidio inked case too. Speck’s Inke’d lineup consists of a couple different  super nice colorful designs, this one is the Milky Way gloss option, I always tend to have some sort of space related wallpaper on my iPhone anyway so I figured this would be a nice way to complete the look. You get the same edge to edge rubber protection against drops and Specks cases really aren’t all that bulky either which I appreciate, they cover every inch of the phone without any gaps in the edge which is what I look for, the volume and side butttons while covered by the case are still easy to access and there also aren’t any annoying flaps or anything covering the lightning port and speaker, everything is open. These cases have been my personal choice for a while and I’ve definitely been happy with them on my iPhone X.

My earbuds of choice have always been Apple’s AirPods. I just uploaded my 1 year review video on these so I won’t spend too much time talking about them, but essentially it just comes down to the fact that I haven’t found a pair of truly wireless earbuds that can compete with AirPods. The battery life on these things is excellent, the convenience of being completely wireless coupled the small charging case makes these super nice to travel with, and for whatever reason AirPods stay in my ear better than anything else I’ve tried. Do they still look stupid, yes, are they for everyone, definitely not, but I just can’t seem to stop using them.

As far as charging my iPhone X, I ended up with a couple different options that I use pretty often for various reasons, but to get the most out of the wireless charging options, I ended up actually settling on the Samsung fast charge stand. I have a couple of reasons why I chose this one, the first of which is that I like that is uses a detachable USB cable and wall adapter, I don’t have to worry about any propriety plug or special AC power adapter, and if I need an extra long cable or want a super short one, I can do that with this. I also liked how it’s a stand rather than just a flat Qi, charging pad. When my phone is charging on my side table, if I get a notification or something I can at least still see it without having to pick up my phone. And with iOS 11.2, Apple upped the wireless charging capabilities on the iPhone X, so with the 9w power adapter on this charger, you should get the full 7.5w charging potential which makes charging wireless just a little bit faster

Since it’s still an iPhone, I still need regular lightning  cable  from time to time and my choice for the last couple of years now have been native union cables. Their regular lightning to USB cable is super high quality and braided, for as long as I’ve had these the ends haven’t frayed, the cable charges and syncs just fine and the leather loop in the middle makes this cable kind of nice to travel with since it can easily be wrapped up. And when I do travel, I usually end up actually taking this native union jump instead. This is a 2 in 1 cable and portable battery charger that’ll charger my iPhone 30 to 40% if I need it, not a huge power bank obviously but it’s like an inch and a half big so you could carry it around in your pocket if you needed to. But the nice thing is that it also just functions as a regular lightning to usb cable too, you could plug it into your computer or a wall adapter and charge up the phone and the battery, and you don’t even need to bring another spectate cable or anything. Native union cables have always been kind of pricey, but considering that these have lasted me now more then 2 years, and a lot of other cables don’t, I didn’t kind spending a little more.

Last but not least, I also have the infamous USB C wall adapter and cable to fast charge my iPhone X. With the iPhone 8 and iPhone X, this USB  C Combination that Apple offers is the way to truly fast charge your iPhone, this is the method Apple suggests and advertises, I did a whole separate video about this a while back, and yes it does charge the iPhone X faster than any other method. But the 29w adapter along with the required USB c cable costs $75. And the difference between this and a 12w iPad adapter with a regular lightning to usb cable isn’t much at all. While I still use this from time to time if I’m really in a rush and need a faster than normal charge, I’ve been hesitant to use this method as my primary form of charging just out of fear of cooking the battery more quickly. It might be an irrational fear, but I’d imagine that using the fastest method for charging possible every single day will probably not he so great on the life and health of the battery in the long run


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