The BEST Budget Bluetooth Earbuds Under $40 – Creative Outlier One Review

We are checking are pretty awesome pair of Bluetooth  sport earbuds from Creative. These are the outlier one earbuds and the reason I’m making a dedicated video for these as opposed to just featuring them in something like a top tech video is that not only are these a fairly new product, but for under $40 I think these are some of the best budget Bluetooth sport earbuds that I’ve tried. If you’re interested in picking up a pair of these for yourself, I’ll leave a link to the cheapest price down below in the video description along with a couple other different pairs of Creative earbuds you can check out as well. So let’s go ahead and see what these guys are all about.

Creative Outlier One (Amazon Link) 
Creative Outlier (Amazon Link) 
Creative Outlier Over-Ear (Amazon Link)  

Inside the box along with the earbuds you do get a whole bunch of different stuff, nothing too crazy just the usual extras you might find with a pair of earbuds like these. You get a little velvet carrying bag to store everything, 2 addition size rubber eartips along with the ones that come pre-installed, a clip if you need t better secure the earbuds on your shirt, a tiny little USB cable for charging, and 2 different styles of secure ear fins to help keep the earbuds fit more snug inside your ear

At quick glance, these earbuds are pretty plain and simple which is a good thing in my opinion, they’re only available in all black for now, and the earpieces aside from the creative logo a little decorative finish are primarily made of solid shiny plastic with rubber accents on the edges to get a better grip on them with your fingers since they are pretty small. They’re curved a bit to allow them to fit better inside your ear, and the rubber ear tips are  easily removable and interchangeable if you need one of the other sizes that came with them. Personally, I’m using the small ones here as those seemed to work best for me. The 2 different style of ear fins are also super easy to change out, I personally didn’t feel the need to use either of them but they are an option for anyone who does prefer them to help keep the earbuds in.

The cable is flat and made of rubber and is a little shorter than some other wireless earbuds I’ve used in the past, but I personally prefer a short cable, and you do also get in line controls for volume, playing and pausing music, and making and taking phone calls with the included microphone that’s located around back. The inline control is also where the USB port is located for charging, and these just use the standard micro USB connection.

So on the topic of charging and battery life, creative advertises these as having 9 and a half hours of battery life. I thought that was just 9 and a half hours in general, a combination of playback and standby, but no that’s 9 and a half hours of playback time which is actually pretty impressive and is something you don’t really see on most Bluetooth earbuds. I had to test this myself, so I let these play overnight and after over 8 hours of music, these still had almost 20% battery left so these earbuds will last for quite a while before needing a charge.

As far as the sound quality goes, I’m honestly a fan of how these guys sound. They have 6mm neodymium drivers and under the realm of wireless Bluetooth earbuds, they’re going to sound a lot better than most other earbuds in that budget price range. You do get some deep bass, but the audio is generally very balance and the highs in particular sounded very clear. There isn’t an app to adjust the sound profile or tune anything, what you have here is just what you get, but what you do get is excellent sound quality for the price.

For their fit and comfort, while they do stick out a little bit more from my ears than maybe I would’ve liked, they actually stayed in pretty well as I was moving my head around. Like I said, I used the small ear tips without and the wings for any added support and these were perfectly fine, they were comfortable and worked well for my needs. I will say though that the wings that come pre installed with these do a good job of making the fit even more secure, so on long runs or doing anything with a lot of motion I might be inclined to add those back on. And they are sweatproof too, so you don’t have to worry about them taking in a bit of moisture either.

So if you couldn’t tell, I really like the Outlier one earbuds. They’re coming from Creative which is a company that’s been in the tech game for a while, they’re not  cheap off brand junk from a random Amazon seller, they’re high quality, really good sounding Bluetooth sport earbuds with honestly a ridiculously long battery life and a $40 price point. I’m not really sure you could ask for much more.


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