Samsung Galaxy S9 – Poetic Affinity vs Nubuck vs Guardian Cases

Today, we are checking out a collection of pretty cool budget friendly cases for the S9 from the folks over at Poetic. Poetic has been around for forever and they create some excellent products but I think what’s most enticing is the fact that all of their cases range from 10 to 17 bucks. In a world of $40 name brand phone cases, these are definitely a nice change of pace. I’ve got the Affinity, Nuback and Guardian cases here to check out, and if you’re interested in picking one up for yourself or learning more, I’ll leave links to everything down below in the video description, but without further ado let’s go ahead and check these cases out.

S9 Poetic Affinity (Amazon Link) 
S9 Poetic Guardian (Amazon Link) 
S9 Poetic Nubuck (Amazon Link) 

To start things off, this is the Poetic Nuback and it’s definitely one of the the most stylish cases I’ve seen and this one even has a little trick that I’ll talk about in a second. As far as the design and the material, it’s a single piece case made from a bunch of different materials including TPU, perpetrated leather around back and a little bit of a soft felt material towards the top to give it a unique look. It’s obviously a very slim case, it covered all the important edges of the phone which is good but it also doesn’t add a lot of size or bulk to the device which I think is pretty important. You’ve got a raised lip around the screen for a little bit of extra protection and there’s open access to all your ports on the bottom. And on the back of the case, you’ve got a really unique pull tab that reveals a secret compartment that lets you store your ID, a credit card or maybe some extra cash, and I think this is easily the most interesting approach to a wallet case I’ve ever seen. I’m not gunna lie, it looks a little weird at first, it seems like it would be kind of awkward trying to pull a card out and then stick it back in properly, but this little tab works every single time and not only does it keep whatever you’re carrying completely hidden, it’s so slim that you wouldn’t even know that there’s an extra compartment on the case at all. For $13 bucks, this case pretty much has it all and then some, I’m a huge fan of the way it looks and also of that the little secret it has around back.

Next up is probably the case Poetic is most known for, this is the Poetic Affinity. It’s a super rugged crystal clear case that lets you not only keep the phone protected, but also show it off a little bit in the process. This case is made of a rigid polycarbonate with those black rubber accents, it’s super sturdy but really easy to pop on and off the phone, but most importantly it’s a thick, shock absorbing case designed to take all the shocks and spill your phone might go through. This sides have this lined texture for some added grip which is cool, the bottom allows easy access to all the important stuff, and I’d say compared to some of the more rubbery clear cases on the market, the polycarbonate material on the Affinity does a decent job combating smudging and fingerprints. You’ll of course still notice some dust and things over time, but while some cases get really foggy and smudgy, this case ends up looking pretty respectable after a bit of use.

And last but not least we have my personal favorite of the bunch. This is the Poetic Guardian and like the name suggests, this is the case to get if you want maximum protection for the phone. The Guardian is a 2 piece case that offers complete 360 degree protection for your device. It’s a thick polycarbonate material with even thicker rubber accents on along the sides,  on every corner, as across the back, so it’s built to absorb shock for sure, but this case also has a built in screen protector for one more layer of safety. Personally, I wind up scratching the hell out of my phone screens. I don’t know how, I don’t know, but it happens with every phone, and a case like this for me is perfect. The screen lines up perfectly with the camera and sensors up front, it sits flat with no bubbles and no air pockets, it doesn’t affect the display as far as the touch screen is concerned, and if you’re disappointed that the Otterbox defender ditched the built in screen, this case is the perfect alternative. You’ve even got the flaps covering the ports on the bottom to help keep our dust and debris, and for 17 bucks this case is an absolutely steal.

Now I know there are literally tens of thousands of phone cases on the market and generally you can’t go wrong with a vast majority of them, but Poetic’s offering in particularly are really pretty nice. They’ve got the right about of protection, an interesting assortment of features, and most importantly they come in at really affordable princes, so if you’re in the market for a fresh case for your new phone, I highly recommend taking a peak at poetic and checking out what they have to offer.


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