OnePlus 6 vs iPhone X Camera Comparison $500 vs $1000

We are back with another camera comparison. This time it’s the iPhone X vs the new OnePlus 6. Now I know these are two very different devices that come in at very different price points, but that’s sort of why I wanted to put these two phones up against one another. As far as the specs, the iPhone X rocks dual 12mp shooters at f/1.8 and f2.4 aperture with the second lens being telephoto, while the OnePlus 6 packs dual 16 and 20mp lenses at f1.7 aperatures for both. This is just a super casual camera test with some inside and outside shots, some in broad daylight and some at night and also a couple 4K video samples as well, I’ll leave my thoughts and any notes down in the comments below, let me know how you think each phone did in the comments as well, and I’ll leave you guys to enjoy the samples. 

Everything set to ‘auto’ / no tweaks or changes to settings or modes
1:46 rear camera Portrait Mode
1:51 front camera standard mode
2:44 rear camera Portrait Mode
3:14 2x zoom rear camera

Camera comparison videos always getting accused of “switching” device pictures (or other bs) so here’s a screenshot of the project timeline so you can see the pictures are correct for each device:


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