Magnetic Qi Chargers for iPhone! XVIDA Aluminum Desk Stand and Car Mount Review

In this video we are checking out a handful of products from the folks over at XVIDA. They were kind enough to send over their wireless charging desk stand and wireless charging car mount along with a couple of the magnetic cases that go along with them, and personally I was interested in these products because they’re a more interesting way to wirelessly charge my iPhone that goes beyond just the regular flat Qi charging pads that lay around on a side table. These are high quality, up right magnetic stands that position the phone a little better and also offer the fastest and most reliably way to wireless charge. If you’re interested in picking one of these products up or learning more, I’ll of course have links to everything down below in the video description for you to check out, but without further ado let gets go ahead and see what these chargers all about

XVIDA iPhone 8 Case (Amazon Link) 
XVIDA iPhone X Case (Amazon Link) 
XVIDA Aluminum Desk Stand (Amazon Link) 
XVIDA Car Mounts (Amazon Link) 

To start off, we’ll go ahead and look at the cases that go on the phones since that’s basically 1/2 of the system here. I have cases for the iPhone 8 and iPhone X but XVIDA also offers cases and various other products for Samsung devices and tablets as well. Just as a case by self, these are pretty nice products overall. They’re sturdy and solid to protect the phone with a soft microfiber material on the inside in order to prevent scratches, and it’s a totally complete case in the sense that it has a full edge and lip all the way around with no gaps, and all your corners and buttons are fully covered. It fits well on the phone, it’s slim enough to not really be in the way but I’d still be confident in it doing its job if my phone ends up falling. The whole point of the XVIDA case though is what’s around back. The square portion of the case there designates where a strong magnet is located and this allows you to use their various upright stands to wireless charge the phone. The magnetic doesn’t interfere with the phone or like credit cards or anything like that, but but it’s strong enough to hold the phone in place on say XVIDA’s desk stand charger for example.

The desk stand is a single piece, solid aluminum base with a built in magnetic Qi charger that will allow your phone to remain up right when it’s charging it’s got these sort of sticky pads underneath to make sure it doesn’t slide around on your desk, and all of the cables and components on the stand are nearly built in, so the only plug that’s required is a microUSB cable around back on the very bottom of the stand. You get a big charging area with a green light up logo that tells you you’re plugged in, and when you toss your phone on the charger, it does exactly what you’d expect it to do. It keeps the phone upright and in place using the magnetic case and of course charges the phone using the Qi charger on the stand. I personally like this setup a little better than a flat Qi charging pad because not only can you more clearly see any notifications you might get on the phone, you can also interact with the phone a little easier, especially with Face ID since the phone is looking right at you. The magnetic connection is also very secure, you can bump the table or knock the charging stand around and the phone isn’t going to fall off anytime soon, but it’s still smooth when you want to pull it off the charger. I definitely like having this charger on my bedside table since I can just roll over and take a peak at my phone it I need to without even having to touch it, but the aluminum stand also matches pretty well with a lot of the other aluminum accessories I also have scattered around my desk. And as far as charging speeds, XVIDA says you can expect  7.5w for iPhones and 15w for Samsung devices, so you’re getting the best charging capabilities possible at least when it comes to the Qi wireless standard.

If you’re more interested in charging your phone on the go, XVIDA also offers a wide range of care chargers and this one right here is the cd slot mount charger. As far as car mounts go, this one is definitely the most sturdy looking ones I’ve come across. The way this works is that you slide this large end into your cd slot on your stereo rather than trying to suction it to the window or clip it on an air vent, and the magnetic portion the area that holds the phone is adjustable in every way possible so you can get a good view of your phone and XVIDA also gives you a 2 USB port Qualcomm 3.0 car charger in the bundle to once again make sure you’re getting the fastest charging speeds possible. I know not a lot of people have CD players in their cars anymore, but in some ways it’s kind of a blessing because in all honesty, air vent clips kind of suck half the time and sticking a mount on the windshield also kind of sucks, so this offers a way more solid and secure mounting solution for keeping the phone in front of you, and like I mentioned, even though it is a magnet that’s holding the phone up, the phone isn’t going anywhere. You could hit Speed bumps, pot holes, a deer, the phone isn’t going anywhere.


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