IKEA Made A Bluetooth Speaker And It’s Actually Pretty Good (IKEA Eneby)

Today, we are checking out something interesting from IKEA. Yes, the same IKEA with the massive stores that are like mazes you can’t escape from that sells furniture you have to frustratingly assemble yourself. IKEA just recently Launched a couple new Bluetooth speakers which they are calling Eneby and you can pick one up in an 8inch size for $49 or an even larger 12 inch size for $89. Along with the different sizes, you’ve got 2 colors to choose from, black or white, and IKEA also makes few accessories and things that can be paired with these guys which I’ll also talk about in just a second.

IKEA Eneby Products (IKEA website)

Fortunately, unlike most IKEA products, there’s no assembly required here, they come ready to go out of the box. On the smaller one though you do get an option to add on a metal handle if you want to take the speaker around with you, which you totally can do provided you buy the extra rechargeable battery pack. Unfortunately, my local IKEA has hasn’t any battery packs in stock so I wasn’t able to get one, but for $20 bucks the battery makes either of the speakers totally wireless with 10 hours of playback time. Without the battery pack though, these speakers plug directly into the wall using a standard power plug and there’s also audio in, but beyond that there really aren’t any other ports or features to mention. There’s only one button and knob on the whole thing up front for volume control and power, and that’s sort of expected, with ikea products you’re basically getting something that’s as simple and minimal as possible that’s obviously what you’re getting here.

If you aren’t really feeling the black or gray front cloth speaker grills, you can actually pop those off the eneby to give it a more industrial look and expose the single 3 inch woofer on the smaller speaker or dual 4 inch woofers on the larger speaker, and I think for me I actually really prefer the look of these things without that front grill.

Because this is an IKEA product, you have the opportunity to incoprate the speakers into some existing products. They fit perfectly in a couple different shelving units like the Kallax and Eket, but you can also mount the speaker to a wall using the couple holes in back and IKE also sells a separate speaker stand for $10 bucks you could use.

As far as the sound quality here, I gotta be honest, I didn’t have high hopes but these actually sound way better than I expected. Especially the larger speaker with that dual woofer, it’s loud and clear and overall I was really impressed. Here’s a couple sound sample so you guys can get an idea.

So I have to say, I wasn’t expecting to like these all that much, I thought first off that they’d feel kind of cheap, but they’re actually heavy, solid speakers that are built when and look great. I also wasn’t expecting them to sound all that good either, but I was quickly proven wrong there too. Right now, these speakers are only available in store, but if you are lucky enough to live near an IKEA and maybe are in the market for a Bluetooth speaker, give these a chance because especially for the price, $50 or $80 basically, you get something that’s surprisingly good all around.


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