How To Remove Scratches From The iPhone X

If you’ve had your iPhone X for a little while now, and you’ve been using it without a case like I have, you might have noticed some small scratches starting to form on the shiny stainless steel edge of the phone. Now let me just say this is totally normal, we aren’t talking about scratch-gate or anything like that, all different kinds of stainless products scratch pretty easily especially over along periods of use, from the stainless Apple Watch to other regular stainless steel watches and jewelry, it’s something that’s sort of inevitable and you’ve probably started to notice some small hairline marks or micro scratches starting to pop up and make your device look a little rough around the edges. I’m not particularly careless with my iPhone, but I have noticed on the buttons especially, and also on the corners and down near the lightning port, there are definitely some noticeable marks even after only using this phone for a couple weeks.

Mother’s Mag & Aluminum Polish (Amazon Link)
Alternative Link With A Couple Rags (Amazon Link)

Luckily, since stainless steel is really easy to polish, you can essentially wipe away those scratches and get a shiny new flawless finish on your iPhone X using some mag & aluminum polish, I’ll leave a link to this stuff down in the video description, it’s like 8 bucks on amazon so super cheap and it’s also available at places like Walmart, and along with the polish you’ll always need a rag or hand towel, something you won’t mind getting kind of dirty.

The first thing I did was sort of just wipe away all the smudges and fingerprints from the phone with a microfiber cloth to make sure I could see just the scratches, and then I scooped up a bit of the polish on the rag, I definitely got way too much in there, you don’t need that much at all, it doesn’t take much to get the job done, but basically I just wiped back and forth for a few second on each side of my phone, and that’s it. Just be careful of the ports and speaker grille because the stuff will get stuck inside them. When you polish stainless steel like this, what you’re doing is basically removing a very thin layer of it to make everything even and bring back that shine, so your rag will have some black smudges on when you’re done and that’s what that’s from.

This took me all of about 3 minutes to do, and I gotta say after it was all polished, I think my phone looks even better now then when I took it new out of the box, that stainless steel looks so good when it’s freshly polished and all of my small little micro scratches and marks were easily gone. Like I said, you don’t need a lot of polish at all, you don’t need to sit there and rub and rub, just a little dot of the stuff and s few wipes back and forth and your iPhone X looks as good as new.

And if you’re looking to protect that freshly polished finished but don’t want a bulky case on your phone, I’d recommend getting a clear naked slick wraps skin to keep your phone scratch free. The naked skin wraps around the back and all the sides and edges of phone and it basically looks like nothing is there at all. You also get a free tempered glass screen protector too when you order these, so that’s a pretty good deal and if you’re interested in getting a skin, I’ll be sure to leave a link down on the video depiction along with a code for $5 off any order.

One last thing I need to mention, I don’t have the space gray iPhone X with that darker colored stainless steel edge, so I can’t say for sure if this method works on the space gray color, I don’t  want to mislead anyone or end up ruining any devices if it takes the color off or something, I just know that on the silver iPhone X this works perfectly.


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