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We are back with another episode of Top Tech for the month of March. I actually have a ton of stuff here to talk about so I won’t waste too much time, but like always, links to all of these products will be down below in the video description if you want to check something out, and I’ll of course be giving away an item featured here to one of you guys, just remember to be subscribed to the channel and leave a comment down below letting me what your favorite item is. Here is last month’s winner, so be sure to check your YouTube messages if you happen to be this person.

Treblab Z2 Headphones (Amazon Link) 
Moock Speaker (Amazon Link) 
**Moock 50% Off Code! 9FRABIYK
Poweradd Qi Charger (Amazon Link) 
Poweradd Powerbank (Amazon Link) 
Zendure Car Charger (Amazon Link) 
Archeer Microphone (Amazon Link) 
Laptop Case (Amazon Link) 

Kicking things off we’ve got the TrebLab Z2 wireless headphones, and these have got to be the nicest and most feature packed wireless headphones I’ve come across for under $70. First off, you get a super nice hard shell zipper case to store the headphones and the couple cables that come along with it which is a really nice addition. The headphones themselves are pretty simple, they’re made up of a combination of soft touch plastic and leather with the ear cups having a ton of cushion material to keep everything nice and comfortable, and the headband also has a good amount of padding all the way around as well. The Z2’s have a pretty simple design with a textured treblab logo on either side to make them stand out, and as far as the button controls, you’ve got active noise cancellation which you can enable and disable on one side, and you’ve also got easily accessible play, pause, skip and volume controls on the other along with an aux port and micro usb for charging. As far as the fit goes, the Z2’s are really comfortable. They’re very light so it doesn’t feel like much when they’re on, and like I mentioned there’s plenty of cushion all the way around so for me, nothing was hard or uncomfortable and they were also flexible enough to where it didn’t feel like they were squeezing my head. I really have no problem wearing these for hours at a time and I’ll even go as far as to say they’re more comfortable than my ATH M50 X’s which have been my primary headphones for a long time. The button controls are easy to find and use, you just sort of have to figure out which is which at first, but beyond that the active noise cancellation coupled with the excellent sound quality really make the Z2’s stand out. The noise cancellation by itself is something that TrebLab did really well, it’s very noticeable and leads to a much more enjoyable listening experience, and audio quality even though these are wireless is overall very good. They definitely have some nice base with punchy sound and most importantly, you get up to 35 hours of playback time on a single charge here which is really impressive. And in case you forgot already, they are less than $70. There’s a reason why the Z2’s are currently an Amazon Choice Top pick right now, they’re highly rated, they’re feature packed, and overall they’re a crazy good deal considering everything TrebLab offers here.

Next up is a brand new Bluetooth speaker from Moock, it was just released this week and comes in at just under $40 bucks. Now I’ve probably had the chance to check out at least 15 Bluetooth speakers on the channel at this point, most have been $75 or $100 or more, so this one is priced really well and even at that price you certainly get a lot here. Right off the bat, the speaker is a good size, it’s about 8 inches across with its blimp looking shape, the top and bottom are covered in rubber and on the right side there you’ll see the charging port, Aux port and a TF card slot which is kind of cool, up top you’ve got the power button and some music controls, no volume controls unfortunately but I can let it slide. It’s got an IPX5 rating so splashes of water or some rain drops are no big deal, and its got a 15 hour battery life which is not too bad at all. As far as sound quality goes, I really have no complaints. It sounds excellent and gets plenty loud considering it’s still fairly compact, and here’s an audio sample so you guys can get an idea. All in all, I think the folks over at Moock did a great job with this thing. This is actually their second Bluetooth speaker, the other one they have is a smaller $20 one with 71 perfect 5-star amazon ratings, and I think everyone will be happy with this new one as well.

For all your charging needs, PowerAdd has 2 pretty nice and very affordable options with their power bank and wireless charger. For $20 their 10 watt qi charger is an awesome little product that’ll support Quick Charge 3.0 and it’s also about as plain and simple as you can get here with a matte black design and an LED indicator up front to let you know when it’s plugged in, and also when it’s charging your phone since it also turns blue. It obviously gets the job done, no complaints as far as functionality but what I like about this one in particular is the fact that it is crazy thin, only about 7.5mm so it doesn’t take up a lot space at all. And it also has that sort of rubbery soft touch feel that adds some grip to keep the devices from slipping while also ensuring nothing gets scratched.

If portable chargers are more your thing, poweradd also has 20,100 mah powerbank for around $40 bucks. It has a big enough capacity to juice up your smartphone 6 or 7 times on a single charge, and it’s also has some important features like like Qualcomm quick charge 3.0 support to get you charged up as quickly as possible. It’s a very portable power bank obviously, about the size you’d expect and it’s got a display up front to let you know what percentage of battery you have left. It’s got 2 USB ports so you can charge a couple devices as once, and also a ridiculously bright LED flashlight too which is handy. PowerAdd makes a ton of powerbanks and chargers and I think with how big of a capacity this one is, it’s probably one of the better deals you can get for a really affordable price.

And on the topics of chargers, if you aren’t blessed with a couple USB ports built into your car, Zendure as probably the nicest USB car charger I’ve seen. It’s a dual port USB charger with quick charge 3.0 and for about 20 bucks it’s probably one of the most essential car tech accessories you can pick up. It’s super small so it’s not gunna protrude from the charging  port on your console and like a lot of Zendure’s other products, it’s basically made of aluminum so it’s very high quality and definitely built to last. You’ve got a 5v port and then quick charge port for up to 18w per port, and it also comes in a stealthy Black color if you want it to blend in. Like I said, for $20 bucks, it’s a solid deal and definitely a must have accessory for the car.

If you’re getting into YouTube or podcasting or maybe just want a nice looking microphone for your set up, this Cardioid studio mic from Archeer at under $40 is an awesome option. It’s a really simple and straightforward USB microphone for recording voiceovers or anything else you might need, and up front you’ve got some knob and button controls for monitoring and volume and a headphone jack as welll, it comes with a stand that you can tilt around to get the right angle, and it even comes with a foam wind cap to help cut down on any external noise. Most importantly though, it sounds really good. I actually recorded the voiceover for this entire video using the microphone and it sounds just as good as the mic I usually use, which is a little disappointing considering how much my audio setup actually costs. For $40, as a starter microphone archeer has a great product here and I think it would be an excellent buy for anyone looking to get into videos or voiceover work.

And finally, showing a little love to the laptops we’ve got a really nice case from atailorbird that comes in at just 13 bucks. Now the reason I wanted to feature this is because my laptop is totally bare, no skin, no case and it usually just sits at home on my desk, but every once in a while I do need to take it somewhere and it does tend to get scratched in my bag since I carr some other stuff with me, so this is just a good way to protect it. It’s made of some high quality material with solid metal zippers and even has a pocket up front for papers or cables or anything else you might need to carry with you. Most importantly though the inside of this case is basically the softest material I’ve ever felt. It’s thick, it’s cushiony, it’s kind of like a high quality blanket material almost, it’s really nice and the case itself is also very thick too with a lot of padding so all in all whatever you’re carrying in here, whether it’s a laptop or a tablet like an iPad Pro even, it’s all going to be totally safe, even if something gets set on top of it or if it gets dropped, I have no problem trusting this case with my most expansive stuff.


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