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We are back at it again waiting until the last day of the month to do a Top Tech video. It is still January though so it still counts, and this is my selection of some great and interesting tech for the month. Of course, all the stuff you see here will be listed and linked down below in the video description if you want to pick something up for yourself, I’ll also have a handful of discount codes for certain items as well if you want to save some money, and as always I will be giving away one item from this video to one of you guys. All you have to do is be subscribed to the channel and leave a comment down below letting me know what you might want and I’ll announce a winner in next month’s episode.

Zendure A8 QC Powerbank (Amazon Link) 
**10% Off Discount Code: TECHDAIL
Whyzyv Lens Kit (Amazon Link) 
**20% Off Discount Code: 20WZLK71
Whyzyv USB-C Cable (Amazon Link) 
**50% Off Discount Code: 50WHYZYV
Volta Chargers (Official Site) 
**10% Off Discount Code: 10BOX

But with all that out of the way, let’s jump into it with our first item which is the Zendure A8 QC power bank. Now this isn’t just an average external battery pack, this is like it says right on the box, the quick charging monster Its a 26,800 mah power bank which to my knowledge is the largest capacity you’re allowed to take with you on flights.  There’s  4 USB ports, a quick charge 3.0 port hi-lighted in green and 3 Zen+ high output USB ports so whatever device you use this with will get charged up very quickly. Because it’s such a high capacity power bank, it’s also pretty beefy in size, it’s thick and heavy with a metal shock proof housing and it might not fit in your pocket, but this is a solid looking power bank. Up top you’ll notice it has an interesting sort of LED battery percentage indicator to let you know how much juice you have left. As far as features and capacity and output potential, it pretty much has it all. The USB ports are smart enough to output the proper amount of power depending on what specific device is plugged in, and you’ll be able to charge an iPhone or an S8 7 or 8 times with this thing. It also even has pass through charging, so when the battery bank is plugged in and charging, you can still charge 4 devices at once at full speed which not a lot of other power banks can do. For me, this is definitely going to be my new travel battery bank, it also comes with a nice little cloth bag to protect it, and even though it might be overkill for some people, if you’re look for the most capable and most powerful power bank on the market, this is it right here.

Next up, we’ve got probably the most diverse smartphone lens kit I’ve come across from the folks over at Whyzyv. This is a 7 in 1 clip on lens kit that features a hard shell carrying case to store everything, and the lenses include a super wide angle, fish eye, macro and wide angle combo lens, CPL, telephoto and a kaleidoscope lens and a lanyard to carry the clip and a lens on the go. The clip itself is pretty straightforward, just pinch it open and place it over your smartphone camera, and each of the lenses are really easy to screw on and off and come with a lens cover to protect them. I tested this out on my iPhone X, that’s the fish eye lens to give you an example, but it works on pretty much any other smartphone you might have and you can use the lenses for both the rear camera and front camera if you want to. Here are a couple of example pictures just showing what the lenses are capable of, I personally like the wide angle and super wide angle since the iPhone X doesn’t exactly have any wide angle lens, but I also really like the macro lens too, I was surprised just how close you can get to your subject and also how much detail there is in the pictures. For $25, this is definitely one of the nicer lens kits you can get considering everything that’s included, but if you’re in the mood for a discount, whyzyv is awesome enough to also offer a 20% off code which brings the price  down to under $20 bucks. All in all this is a really good deal and it’s a cheap and easy way to transform some of the pictures and video you take with your smartphone.

If you’re in the market for a really solid USB C cable, whyzyv also offers this USB 3.0 5ft cable that comes with its own carrying case. The cable itself is an incredibly thick and sturdy braided material that could probably pull a truck and it’s definitely built to last. You get USB C on one end and a standard USB 3.0 connection on the other, but if you need USB C on both ends, there’s also an included adapter to get the job done. Honestly I’ll probably end up using the hard shell carrying case for some other stuff too since it’s plenty big, and for $17 the whole package is a pretty good deal, but once again whyzyv was awesome enough to give out a 50% off code for this cable, so for around $8 you really can’t go wrong here.

And finally if you’re in the market for some unique charging cables, Volta has a really nice selection for a great price. At first glance, these look like ordinary every day cables and in all honestly by themselves they are really nice, they’re thick braided cables with sturdy metal ends and volta offers all the different connection types, lightning, micro USB and USB C, but what’s unique about these cables is the fact that the ends are magnetic, so what you end up doing to plugging the connection end into your smartphone or any other device, and you have a strong magnetic connection that you connect up to when you charge. It’s basically like having the old school MagSafe connection from the MacBooks and having something like this for your smartphone is actually pretty cool. You get a green led indicator to let you know that you’re charging which is helpful, and the magnet is strong enough to where to the connection is very secure, but also if the cable get bumped or pulled, it comes right off without your phone flying off the table and smacking the ground, and that’s really I think one the biggest perk with these. The connector end that goes inside the phone is pretty small and if you have a case on your device like I do, you won’t even notice that it’s there. Personally I think this is also a great alternative if you find yourself going through a lot of cables over time that tend to wear out or get frayed or torn, the metal ends on these means they’ll last, the braided cable is really high quality and you can get 2 tips in case you lose one, but they fit really securely in the ports that losing them doesn’t really happen. I think for a lot of people these cables would definitely be convenient and easy to use and they’re probably a good little investment at only $20 bucks.


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