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Check it out, doing a Best Tech of the Month episode and it isn’t even the last day of the month. Getting better! So like always, this is a selection of some really awesome tech that I know you guys will find interesting, this time around everything here is under $100 bucks, and if you want to pick up any of these items, I’ll have links to everything down below in the video description. I’m also giving away an item featured in this video to one of you guys like we always do here, all you have to do is of course be subscribed to the channel and leave a comment down below letting me know what you might want. I chose 3 winners from the last episode so if you see your name up here be sure to check your YouTube messages.

Bluepot (Amazon Link) 
Origem HS-1 Earbuds (Amazon Link)
Aukey LED Lamp (Amazon Link) 
Zendure Travel Adapter (Amazon Link) 

Kicking things off we’ve got the Bluepot and this right here makes sure you don’t ever have to decide between having a power bank or a Bluetooth speaker, because the Bluepot is both. I know there are plenty of much larger Bluetooth speakers that can charge devices but this is the first portable power bank that I’ve seen that doubles as a Bluetooth speaker. It’s definitely compact, it’s about the same size as any other average travel-sized powerbank so you can throw it in a bag or backpack no problem, and obviously you can see on the front there’s the speaker grill for the Bluetooth speaker. It connects seamlessly and even though it’s really quite small and also packs all the technology of a power bank inside too, it sounds really pretty good and also gets plenty loud considering what it is, I was very impressed. On the Bluetooth speaker side of things, this devices gets it right, and on the power bank side the Bluepot also has all the features you’d need. You’ve got 2 USB ports to charge a couple devices at once along with an led battery indicator and it has a 10,000mah capacity so you could charge say an iPhone X like 3 or 4 times no problem. And if you have a device that can utilize quick charge, the Bluepot does also have quick charge support. So with all that jam packed into 1 product it’s hard to pass up the Bluepot especially as a travel companion since you’re getting 2 excellent products in 1, there’s a nice travel bag included to protect it and they also throw in a really unique looking micro USB cable to charge up the thing which is nice, it has nothing but 5 star ratings on Amazon and most importantly the price is right, so all in all this is a stellar little product for everything that you get.

Next up we’ve got an excellent pair of wireless sport earbuds from a company called Origem, these are their HS-1 earphones and let me just get the most important thing out of the way here first, these come in right now at $37, considering all the things you get with these and how great they are, that is a tough price to beat. Now inside the package you get a super nice presentation here with the earbuds, and you also get the usual travel bag, usb charging cable and about a million interchangeable rubber and foam ear tips to help you find the right fit, and if that doesn’t cut it there’s also a whole bunch of ear hooks as well. The earbuds themselves are a solid metal construction with magnetic ends to keep them together and a bit of rubber as well, they come in both black and red and I just thought the red looked really cool which is i why I went with those, the micro USB port for charging is found on the inline controls, there’s the play, pause and voice assistant button as well as your volume controls and a microphone for taking phone calls, the rubber cable joining the earbuds is pretty short but I prefer the shorter cable on earbuds like these so that it doesn’t get in the way, but besides all of that these earbuds have quite the list of features and specs including a 10 hour battery life for music playback, IP67 Water resistance so you don’t have to worry about sweat or even dropping them in anything accidentally, and they also have quick charge, 5 minutes plugged in will get you 3 hours of playback time so you’ve really got a completely package here with these. The most important couple things though of course are how they fit and how they sound, I decided to go with the nice foam tips since those really work well for getting a good fit, and even though these earbuds are a little bigger and a little heavier since they’re metal, they still fit and stay in really well at least for me, and those foam ear tips also help quite a bit. You’ve got easy access to the inline controls on the side there and they also sound really good considering the price. They’re well balanced, not too base heavy, plenty of detail in the high end, I would say my only complaint is that I wish they got a little louder but I listen to music way too loud for my own good anyway so it’s not a huge deal. If you’re in the market for a solid pair of earbuds with all the features and accessories you could possibly want, these are definitely a solid option.

Next up we’ve got a piece of tech/furniture from a tech company, Aukey, this is their LED floor lamp and if you need to add a little extra light in a space or maybe need an overhead source of light like I have here, this lamp gets the job done. It has a metal base and stand so it looks nice and it feels sturdy even though it is about 3 feet tall, the light portion is flexible so you can position it anyway you like and adjust it for your needs which is awesome, but the coolest part about the light is the touch controls. One tap turns it on and off, but if you tap and hold you can increase or decrease the brightness and set the right amount of light for the mood, it does get plenty bright if you need it to, but also sims to a comfortable level for night time reading or anything else. It’s a longer lasting LED bulb so you can get up to 50,000 hours with this thing and I have to say this is the first time I’ve featured a product like this for a best tech episode but I’m definitely into it and I’ll definitely try to add more functional items like this to the list in the future.

Finally we’ve got probably the single most useful item you can bring with you if you travel internationally. This is the Zendure Passport, a 4 in 1 plug travel adapter that allows you to plug in any and all devices no matter what country you might be in. You can plug in and charge a bunch of different devices at once with this guy, it provides a safe amount of power output given the combination of plugs and tech, and it also has an auto-resetting fuse as a safety feature for overloads. Basically how it works is you have this slide mechanism on the side that allows you to pop out the plug type either European, US, Australian and UK plugs so you can use whatever plug you brought properly. There’s also 4 more USB ports on the bottom to charge up devices that don’t need a power outlet, so you can theoretically charge or use up to 5 devices at once. The little sliders work really well on the side, and you can sort of get an idea of how each of the plugs look there when you go through each one, and obviously on the other end you’ve got your plug input. I personally used a device similar to this when I was in Italy a couple summers ago and it was a huge help, if you’re an international traveler you know how valuable something like this is, and most importantly with this plug, it does support pretty much all the different kinds of items you might bring with you on a trip.


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