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We are back with a new episode of top tech for the month of May. This time around I’ve got a nice little selection of different products and different price points for you guys to check out, and if you see something here that you might want to pick up for yourself, I’ll of course have links to everything featured down below in the video description. But if maybe you’d rather win something instead, as  always, I’ll be giving away an item featured in this video to one of you guys. All you have to do be subscribed to the channel and leave a comment down below letting me know what you might want, and I’ll pick a winner in next months episode. Here is the winner from last month, so if this is you, because sure to check your youtube messages

Aluratek Headphones (Official Site)
— 15% Off Code: TECH15
Aluratek Headphone Stand (Amazon Link) 
Dynamite Speakers (Amazon Link) 
Patchworks S9 Grip Case (Amazon Link) 
Patchworks S9 Level ITG (Amazon Link) 

First up we’ve got a super nice pair of high quality headphones coming in at a pretty respectable price point, just under $70 bucks. These are Bluetooth over the ear headphones from Aluratek that feature high fidelity sound, 10 hours of playback time and and the option to add a 3.5mm headphone connection too so you don’t always have to rely on the battery. The headphones themselves have aluminum and leather accents all around so not only do they look pretty stylish but they also are made from premium materials. The earcups can be moved around and rotated to ensure that they fit comfortably and the headphone is very flexible and completely adjustable so you can get a size that’s right for you. The earcups have plenty of cushion around the edges and the headband is also padded both on the top and bottom. And You’ve also got all your button controls that are easy to access on the side of the headphones as well. As far as the fit, these headphones feel great. Especially up along the headband, there’s so much cushion up there and the top of my head is really into it. These aren’t active noise canceling headphones or anything, but the over ear design does a decent job of blocking noise. For me, they fit comfortably over my ears and even after a few hours of use they didn’t end up being too uncomfortable at all. The sound quality on these guys is also excellent. The base way I can describe it is that you’re getting a very full sound with nothing compromised. Vocals sound great, there’s a good amount of base, and even for primarily being wireless, you’re getting a crisp, clear sound that you can also enhance a bit but going wired if you want to.

Aluratek also sells the perfect accessory for these and any other pair of headphones that you might have, which is this clean and simple headphone stand. You’ve got a really nice all aluminum build with a wide sturdy base and solid area for storing the headphones, there’s also just a little bit of rubber along the top to make sure that the headphones don’t end up slipping right off. And there’s  some rubber at the bottom too so your table or desk doesn’t get scratched from the metal. I have to say, especially for these headphones that have that aluminum and leather look, this really sleek aluminum headphone stand is a really solid add on for displaying them especially since it comes in at under $30 dollars.

If playing music out loud is more your style, Aluratek also has a pair of mini stereo speakers called the dynamite. Now these guys are far from your average cheap amazon speakers, they’re very capable, very high quality stereo speakers that, little size aside, are well worth the slightly higher price tag they command. First off, they aren’t like a cheap plastic, they’re heavy and thick with like a metal built so dropping them or stepping on them isn’t going to be a problem. They’re also magnetic so you could in theory pop these up on a metal surface somewhere to give a little better listening experience. You’ve got 1 rubber button on the bottom of both of the speakers to power them up and even though they’re stereo speakers connected to each other while also connected to a smartphone, the setup process was basically just 1 step. Most importantly though, they’ve very loud and they sound really good, here’s a sample so you guys can get an idea.  The price here for these is a little a steep, but it’s on par with a couple other stereo Bluetooth speakers like the Mini O’s I reviewed last time, and either way you’re getting a really excellent product here.

Last but not least, we’ve got a couple new cases from the folks over at patchwork’s for the S9 and S9 plus. The mono grip and the level ITG, and the reason I like these cases is because they are very inexpensive, only about 13 bucks on Amazon right now. The gold mono grip case is clean and simple with a rubber and plastic one piece design that covers all the edges and important bits of the phone without being too bulky or intrusive. It’s flexible while still very sturdy, you’ve got the proper cutouts for the camera, ports and buttons, and I think for me, I really like the gold color in particular. If you’re looking for something maybe a little more protective, the level ITG is a great option since is even has “certified drop protection” branded on the inside of the case. With this case again you’re getting that single piece plastic and rubber build but it is quite a bit more rigid and noticeably thicker than the mono grip, especially on the inside rubber portion. All in all, for the price, you can go wrong with anything from Patchwork’s here and I’d be pretty confident in both of these cases doing an excellent job in keeping your device protected.


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