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In a surprise turn of events, I’m hitting you guys with another top tech video for this month. The folks over at GearBest sent me over a handful of pretty interesting items as a way to promote their week long anniversary sale where they’ll have crazy deals like 50% off electronics, they’ve discount codes for certain items and even giveaways, right now they’re giving away a OnePlus 5T, so I really recommend you guys check out all the stuff that’s going on over there this week and I’ll leave all the important links down below in video description.

LED Bluetooth Speaker (GearBest Link)
Book Light (GearBest Link) 
Xiaomi Philips Light (GearBest Link) 
Macaw TX-80 Earbuds (GearBest Link)

Let’s go ahead and jump right in to the first item which is a feature packed LED Bluetooth speaker that comes in at right around $30 bucks. You can pick up this speaker in white like I have here, black, or red, and one of those first things I noticed about this guy is just how light it was, it’s like picking up a feather so carrying it around in a backpack or bag is not an issue at all, it’s really perfect for travel. The bottom has a flat rubber surface to keep it stable on a flat surface and and underneath you’ll see a TF card slot, power switch, charging and auxiliary ports. The top of the speaker is also covered in rubber and that’s where you’ll find all the usual button controls, you’ve got one to adjust the led lights, play, pause and rewind, and this speaker also double as a stand alone FM radio which not a lot of other speakers do so I thought that was kind of cool. As far as the LED light functionality, you’ve got a whole bunch of different modes to flip through and that showcase a rainbow of colors and a bunch  of patterns that go along with the music, I know LED speakers aren’t for everyone but I always liked how they add a little bit of color to the setting.

Most importantly though, the speaker sounds great and gets plenty loud, and hears a quick sample so you guys can get an idea.

You’ve also got NFC pairing for android devices, a built in microphone for phone calls, 8 hours of playback time, all in all for $30 bucks this is basically the complete package as far as Bluetooth speakers are concerned.

Next up we’ve got something a little different, this isn’t so much a tech item but more of a decoration slash cool party trick. You might’ve seen something like this before, at first glance it’s essentially a book or a journal but it’s actually the UTORCH LED light, so when you open it up, you get this cool 5 color light show that you can use as a prop or a dim bed side light, it opens up like a fold fan and stays open pretty well and it’s also actually rechargeable via a micro USB port. For someone like me, it’s a great add on piece for a filming backdrop and it’s just sort of a nifty and inexpensive little accessory.

On the other end of the spectrum we’ve got the Xiaomi Philips Smart lamp and this is actually one of the items on sale at GearBest right now for $20 off at just $50 bucks, now when I first saw the product pictures for this thing, I thought it looked kind of funky with how they positioned it and I was  actually really into how unique it was, obviously at a bare minimum you can set it up like an ordinary side table lamp but there’s also a light around back that when it’s up against a wall like I have here it sort of allows even more light in the room when it bounces of the wall. You’ve got touch controls on the bottom that allow you to adjust the brightness and enable a nighttime mode with a yellow light to go easy on your eyes, the top light portion is totally flexible so You can position it for your needs, but you can also just bend it all the way down to get this really unique look with the light shining behind it or in front of it, and as strange as it is you know no one else is going to have a lamp like this one.

Finally, GearBest is also offering an awesome deal on a great power of wireless sport earbuds. These are the macaw TX-80 and aside from being about $35 bucks right now, they’ve got pretty much everything you could ask for in the realm of Bluetooth earbuds. First off, the unboxing experience alone is worth the $35 bucks, you get a super nice presentation with earbuds right there front and center, you also get the usual paperwork and charging cable and extra ear tips and a super really nice bag to store everything in which is an excellent addition. The earbuds themselves I think are a pretty good size with a decent shape that should allow you to fit them snug inside your ears, they’re also magnetic which helps when they’re resting around your neck, you of course have easily interchangeable rubber ear tips and the earbuds also offer MMCX support so you could technically swap out the cable if you wanted. The next band  is a flexible rubber material that’s soft and comfortable and on one side you’ve got all the controls like volume, play and pause, the microphone and the USB charging port. As far as fit and comfortable, the earbuds are small enough to work well with my tiny ears and they’re also very comfortable, I think the cable and neckband are all good lengths with nothing getting in the way, the controls on the side are easy to access and you’ve also got a similar size plastic housing on the other side that doesn’t have any buttons but allows the earbuds to remain even and level when you’re listening to music or have them hanging around your neck. They also sound really good considering they’re only around $35 dollars. I’d say they’re pretty even toned, not a whole lot of bass just nice calm and clear audio and a very enjoyable listening experience overall.


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