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We are back with a new episode of top tech for the month of April. This time around we’ve got some really interesting items that I think you guys will enjoy, there’s a bunch of em too so I won’t waste any time, but as always if you’re interested in picking up one of these things for yourself, I’ll have links to everything down below in the video description. And of course I’ll also give away an item featured in this video to one of you guys, just make sure your subscribed the channel and leave a comment down below letting me know what you might want. Here is the winner from last month along with a catch-up winner from my Bluetooth speaker video from a while back that I somehow missed, so if you see your name be sure to check your youtube messages.

Botssbility (Official Site) 
Mini-O Speakers (Amazon Link) 
BenQ Screenbar Light (Amazon Link) 
Tribit Xfree One Earbuds (Amazon Link) 
Archeer Headphones (Amazon Link) 

So first up we’ve got sort of a combination between Tech and toy, this is Botssibility, a new brand of building blocks that allows you to interact with your creations in an entirely new way. On the surface, it’s very similar to a LEGO technic set, the parts and pieces are the same and it’s also compatible  with LEGOs if you happen to have some of your own already, and the set I have here came with 285 pieces with the ability to make a whole bunch of different models and you of course can make something on your own too, but what makes this set unique and Tech related are the 2 motors that you incorporate into your creations along with this sort of battery power source, and this allow you to freely control whatever you made using the bottsbikitty app on your smartphone. The app is really the critical part of this whole set because not only does its have all the step by step instructions on how to build, but it also allows you to say drive the motorized car that you created. And personally, I think this is just really cool. The motors are actually a lot more powerful than you might expect so the car that I built here actually goes pretty fast, and the controls are very responsive and easy to use, and depending on what you built, there’s also custom controls for certain creations like to pop a wheelie or spin around in a circle. The app is also education in the sense that you can do some kind of mock programming to have the motors do certain things at certain times, set up different speeds and patterns, and the app also lets you draw out a route for your creation to follow too. I grew up with LEGOs and maybe it’s the kid in me that still loves this stuff but I think this bottsbikity set is really awesome, getting to build something and then control it and drive it and everything is just so cool and I really hope other people can appreciate this as much as I did.

Next up we’ve got a pair of Bluetooth speakers, and considering how often I’ve showcased Bluetooth speakers on the channel now, you guys know I wouldn’t bother including these if they weren’t something special. These are the mini-o stereo Bluetooth speakers, they come in packs of 2, they’re small and compact but they’re stereo speakers so you can connect them both together and get a room full of music from every direction or even multiple rooms of music listening. Setup is seemless, you just connect one to whatever device you want and then click the buttons on the speakers to connect then together, and you’re good to go, you’ve now got an awesome stereo experience from speakers that are like 4 inches wide. And even though they’re small, they’re still loud and they sound great, one of them fills the room just fine but having both together is really pretty awesome. I ended up putting one on my side table and another over by my desk and and these little speakers really got the job done. And the little rubber stand makes sure they aren’t bouncing or vibrating around on the table too which is a plus. The mini-o speakers launched launched on Kickstarter last year, the company smashed their fundraising goal and they really delivered  an excellent product.

If you’re looking at add some more light to your desk space, the BenQ screenbar lamp is a really great item that actually attaches to your monitor and shines down to light up your entire workspace. Setup is super simple and it’s universal so it’ll work on any computer or monitor you might have, and it powered via USB which makes things easy. The light bar has touch controls along the top which I’ll go over in a second and the mount is a solid flexible arm that just rests over the top edge of the screen, so nothing to too fancy and nothing that’s going to mess up your stuff. You can see it setup on a thicker 24 inch iMac here and it works flawlessly. Even in the dark and even on that all glass screen, the light shines in such a way that it doesn’t actually create any glare, but it illuminates the keyboard and desk space really well so for example, if your desk is in a bedroom that you share with someone else who might be sleeping, you still have a decent light source to work with. There’s a bunch of different light modes you can flip through ranging from white and blue lights to dim yellow lights that are easier on your eyes at night, and I know this kind of thing only serves some really specific needs but it’s a really solid and high quality option for someone who needs it.

I feel like it just wouldn’t be a top tech episode without a pair of earbuds, and these xfree ones from tribit are a really excellent budget option. For around 23 bucks they come feature packed with water resistance, 10 hours of playback time, and a built in microphone. And inside the package you get a hard shell carrying case that stores the earbuds, the charging cable and a few extra rubber ear tips. The earbuds themselves are super high quality, they have an all metal design and a pretty unique shape that ensure that they fit nice and snug inside your ear, and they also have a nice amount of rubber so they’re very comfortable as well. You’ve got your inline controls for playing and pausing music as well as that built in mic and USB port for charging. The earbuds are also magnetic to make them a little easier to handle and the cable here I would consider to be extra short which is actually something I prefer since nothing  gets in the way when you’re wearing them. Like I mentioned, they’re very comfortable and also do a nice job sitting deep enough in my ear to block out all the external noise, but most importantly they sound really good. The sound profile is pretty neutral and mellow, not a whole lot of base which is ok, but really for around 20 bucks I just have any complaints here.

And last but not least, we’ve got pretty much the single most interesting pair of headphones I think I’ve ever come across. These are the archerr AH45 and on their own, they’re a solid pair of inexpensive Bluetooth headphones. They fold up to make them easy to travel with which is awesome, they’ve got excellent padding in the earcubs and in the headband to make sure they’re very comfortable. The headband is adjustable for your unique size and also plenty flexible which means they won’t be snapping or breaking anytime soon, and you’ve got easy access to all your important button controls and things right there on the side. These headphones have a little bit smaller of an ear in design, they’re on ear headphones as opposed to over the ear headphones, but for my little ears that’s all perfectly fine with me. They fit well, they’re very comfortable and they do a decent job combating ambient noise. They of course also sound excellent. I would say these have a bit more base than usual, which isn’t a bad thing, if you’re into bass, if you listen to music that commands that sound profile, these are a great option. Ok, so now into the interesting part. These sort of look like they might be open back earbuds with that mesh grill on the earcups, but they aren’t, instead, they are literally a Bluetooth speaker. These headphones double as an actual Bluetooth speaker, and I’m not gunna lie, it’s kind of awesome. You flip the switch, and next thing you know you’ve got a room full of sound from your headphones that actually sounds pretty good. So if for some reason you’re deciding between a Bluetooth speaker and a pair of headphone, you can just go ahead and get them both with these


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